Jeff Morgan,  "live" artist, emerged in 1999 in Ocean Beach, CA.  At 26 years old he was an amateur painter, self-taught, inspired by the great works of Lucian Freud, Gustav Klimt, Francis Bacon, and Max Ernst. His personal life was immersed in amazing music that, since childhood, broadened his mind and shaped his colorful imagination. Growing up near Asheville at a time when it was considered a music capital, the sounds of Folk, Country, Jazz, Rock n Roll, and the Blues, enriched his life.  Jeff's obvious path was to exist at the intersection of art and music. "Live" painting portraits was part of his self-emergence.  Far from home,  a rambler, away from the comfort of his studio in Hickory, NC, where he began, he now had access to a new vitality- the energetic audience and live music surrounding him.

"Live" painting is a reactionary process. 

"Live" painting requires a bold approach and sense of fearlessness. The idea: to complete a strong emotional piece, conveying true personality, in a small space of time, informed by the influential idols of his past and present life.   For nearly two decades now, Jeff has produced fun and energetic portraits of people he admires.  His paintings are expressive and loose,  creating a feeling people can connect with and an awareness that is close to the soul.  Jeff has worked in San Diego, Austin, Asheville, Shreveport and now lives in New Orleans since 2012.  He "live" paints, almost exclusively, at the Marigny Brasserie on famous Frenchman Street.  

San Diego 1999 - 2001, 2005- 2007

Asheville 2002 - 2004, 2010 - 2011

Austin  2008 - 2009

Shreveport 2011 - 2012

New Orleans 2012 - Present